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CILP Publication Among "7 Best New Mediation Books To Read in 2020"

Dr. Ahmed Altawyan's book on International Commercial Arbitration in Saudi Arabia was recognized by the BookAuthority as one of the best books in the area of alternative dispute settlement (ADR).

BookAuthority identifies and rates the best books in the world, based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings, sentiment, popularity and sales history. According to its website, BookAuthority is the world's leading site for nonfiction book recommendations, helping readers identify the best books on a variety of topics. To keep its site objective, BookAuthority ratings are calculated purely based on data. BookAuthority does not accept requests to feature a book or do any business with publishers or authors.

We are very proud that our author and our book are being recognized in this way!

For individual copies of Altawyan's International Commercial Arbitration in Saudi Arabia please go to Amazon. Bulk orders and inquiries for discounts on bulk orders should be addressed to CILP via e-mail:

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