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Mission and Vision

The Blockchain Law Alliance brings together legal experts, developers, investors, and users, for the purpose of disseminating information, influencing policy and law-making, and creating teaching materials about Blockchain technology and digital currencies. 

In spite of frequent announcements of the end of the crypto bubble, we understand the great potential of the technology and have full confidence that more and more useful applications are going to be introduced in the markets as we speak. 

A more rational discussion of the risks and benefits of Blockchain technology and digital currencies requires, first and foremost, a better understanding of their uses and capabilities beyond speculative investment. More than ten years after the launch of Bitcoin, regulation of digital currencies and Blockchain technology is largely still happening in a chaotic and parochial manner, and causes more harm than benefits. Jurisdiction-specific and uncoordinated rules and regulations fail to adequately deal with a market and technology that is distinctly global. Nevertheless, billions of US$ are being invested into the development of business applications every month. The mismatch of regulation and opportunity creates an environment where charlatans can thrive and valid business applications can be choked. Harnessing the potential and bringing the benefits with regard to cost-savings, innovative solutions, and economic growth to larger audiences requires a different approach. To this end, members of the Blockchain Law Alliance are contributing cutting-edge commentary to and preparing publications for legal and other professional journals.

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