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Blockchain and Digital Currency Law Resources

Literature and Websites

In this section, we will provide links to literature, websites, and other material of use for policy makers, researchers, attorneys, and other legal professionals working in the Blockchain and Digital Asset space.

Database of SEC, CFTC, DoJ, and Other U.S. Decisions in Blockchain and Digital Asset Cases

BLA members are compiling a database with short summaries of litigation releases, administrative

proceedings, and other opinions and orders issued by the SEC, CFTC, DoJ, and other U.S. authorities

about companies and activities in the crypto space. The idea is to provide a compact one-stop-shop

in a searchable database with links to the full decisions. Click here to access the current version, which

will be updated regularly.


Azinge-Egbiri, Nkechikwu Valerie: Beyond Banks: A Case for Interagency Collaboration to Combat Trade-based Money Laundering in Africa, African Journal of Legal Studies 2022, doi:

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Yadav, Satya Prakash, Krishna Kant AgrawalBhoopesh Singh BhatiFadi Al-Turjman & Leonardo Mostarda: Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency Regulation: An Overview, Computational Economics 2020,


Comply Advantage, Cryptocurrency Regulations Around the World

National Conference of State Legislatures, U.S. Cryptocurrency Legislation by year

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