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Vol. 2 No. 2 Fall-Winter 2021 The State of the Arctic

Shaheer Ahmad & Mohammad Ali Zafar:
The Arctic, a Reimagined Strategic Resource Base for Russia

Aneesa Aslam & Ayesha Shaikh:
Re-Navigating the Geopolitical Pivot: China in the Arctic Heartland

Hayley-Bo Dorrian-Bak:
An Overview of National and International Environmental Law Pertaining to Artic States and the Work of the Arctic Council

Alexandra Middleton:
Fuzzy Signals to Potential Observer States in the Arctic Council

Aliyeva Incha:
Involvement of 'Outsiders' in the Arctic Region

Vol. 2 No. 1 Spring-Summer 2021

Swini Adikari:
Countering the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism Arising From Malicious Insiders

Jess Gosling:
Maximizing Soft Power: The Role of Digital Diplomacy in Building Trust With Nation-Branding

Katrina Leclerc:
Gender Perspectives in Contemporary Peacebuilding: Collaborative Approaches to Conflict Responses

Gabrielle Regimbal:
Bosnia's Perpetual Purgatory: The Inability to Fulfill EU Accession Requirements

Tomer Zaidman:
The Political Economy of Sino-African Relations: Reconciling Chinese-Style Development Aid with the Western Aid Paradigm

Vol. 1 No. 1 Fall-Winter 2020

Iman Ahmed:
Waging War Against Non-State Actors - The Contemporary Debate on the Prohibition of Force

Ahmed Cenk Sari:
Japan-NATO - Where Do the Relations Stand?

Heather Coyne:
When Kyoto Failed, Paris Stepped Up - How the Paris Agreement Changed Global Climate Negotiations

Aliya Hemani:
Canadian Climate Change Policy: A Comprehensive Account

Oreoluwa Joda:
The International Development and Environment Nexus - Greening Humanitarian Interventions

Boris Kyrychenko:
How the West Won: Post-Cold War Negotiations on NATO Enlargement in the 1990s-2000s

Altea Pericoli:
Building the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus: The Relevance of Cooperation Between UN Agencies and Islamic Actors

Caterina Uboldi:
Political Empowerment in the MENA Region


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