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  • Frank Emmert

Regulate AI? Regulate AI!

"If a student - to save time - enters buzzwords into large language models like ChatGPT to swiftly obtain longer essays for submission, and then the professor - to save time - enters those essays into ChatGPT to reduce them to buzzwords for grading, the only one learning anything along the way is ChatGPT. Much the same could happen in arbitration or even litigation, but with much more serious consequences. We need rules for both. On the one hand, we want to be open to technological advances and use them to our advantage, including saving time. On the other hand, humans in general, and lawyers in particular, have to ensure that justice and the rule of law are never compromised. Although they can process huge amounts of information in seconds, large language models are ultimately like parrots. They create new content by imitating and restating existing content. Their ethical standards are as good - or as bad - as anything and everything they can find on the internet. Woe to us humans if we should ever lose the ability to oversee and control what our more advanced technology produces and decides!"

Frank Emmert, The McKinney Lawyer Fall 2023, p. 20.

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